Faith People

So where are today’s ‘faith people’? Hebrews 11 is full of individuals who stepped forward in their generation and took risks, took abuse, took imperfect personalities, took their lack of experience … and they led us as examples to follow. This is true for us as individuals, as families, and as churches.
‘Fear or faith’ is always the choice. Fear keeps things the same. Fear is risk-averse. Fear does what seems safe. Fear sees change as an enemy. Fear protects what ‘is’. Fear involves less adrenaline, less dreaming, less seeking, less honesty when praying “Lord, whatever You want.”

Faith people are attuned to God. They dream dreams. They accept not having every detail planned out in their future. They face challenges as opportunities for God to work through them. They work beyond what ‘is’ to what ‘can be’.

This message is not unlike what most of our pastors would preach, but we need to see it taken beyond the pulpit. We need to prepare a new generation of spiritual leaders for the work we do together on the prairies. We need to think beyond our own tenure within our current ministry. We need to pray and believe God for the advancement of His Kingdom through our work together. Much work is to be done, but riding the coattails of a previous generation will only lead to stages of regression.

Your co-worker, Dennis Stone, CBWC Alberta Regional Minister